Mission Control
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Code, run, connect and share programs without worrying about infrastructure.

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Truly managed infrastructure

DETA is focused on helping devs create small tools and utilities that help them with their daily productivity. We help you code useful programs faster and without worrying about infrastructure.

This is why we take care of creating and managing the infra. Just import a [Database, Queue, ...] from DETA lib and start coding instantly!


With DETA there is no need to explicitly create or manage infrastructure. Databases, KV Stores, etc. are provisioned for you in the background whenever you reference them in your code.


File System




Message Queue


Making software accessible for everyone is an integral part of DETA. This is why we automatically generate a UI based on the schema of your program's input.

This means, you could create a tool to delete user information and easily share it with your colleagues from customer support.

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What is it useful for?

Here are some examples of what you could create with Deta:

One-off scripts

Check the health of your DB cluster.
Restart your dev server.
Get the latest website report.

Long running tasks

Process 1000s of photos.
Move large data from A to B.
Index Sentry issues in Elasticsearch.

Scheduled tasks (cron)

Schedule DB backup.
Delete your tweets older than 10 months.
Check if your servers are healthy.

Flexible integrations

Powerful IFTTT-style connection between multiple services.
Get an SMS when your website is down.

Shareable by Design

One of the main reasons for creating DETA is that it's hard to share scripts and CLIs you created on you laptop with other people.

With DETA you can just share the link. Rest assured that none of your data will be shared. Also it's up to you if you want to open-source the code.

One place to create, debug and use.

DETA offers a fully integrated development environment in the browser. This way, you can code, debug and run your code instantly with no need for configuration. Think "Cloud Native scripting".


What languages/runtimes does DETA support?

Right now you can create programs using Python 3.7. Support for JavaScript will be added shortly. We want to support more languages in the future.

How reliable is DETA?

DETA runs on top of AWS infrastructure. Specially Lambda, Fargate, DynamoDB and S3 which already serve millions of customers reliably.

How much does DETA cost?

We will provide a generous free tier for developers to run their casual programs. There will be plans for teams.

Are you planning on open-sourcing DETA?

Not really. The value of DETA that is you do not have to worry about infrastructure at all, it should just work. If you're an enterprise and want to run it in your AWS infra, please get in touch.

How can I contact you?

Send me an email.