Code, connect, use and share small web programs without ever thinking about servers.

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More compute, less servers

DETA is a scalable 'cloud computer' built out of a set of managed services and SDKs that removes time spent by you and your team on infra configuration, security, and maintenance.

From idea to usable program in minutes

With all the infra and configuration work out of the way, you can focus on stringing together cloud primitives that work for you: it only takes seconds to create, update, and use cloud programs. Currently, we support Python 3.7 with planned support for TypeScript.

$ new users_program
from deta.lib import Database, types, email

users = Database()

class Input: = types.Str()

def program(event):
....users.add('user1', {'name':})
........f'User {} was added.')
....return users.all()
$ deploy
$ run -email
> [{'user1': {'email': ''}]

Use cases

Any web program where servers might be overkill, maintenance is not desired or long YAML files are a no-go.

Scripts & Crons

Create and share instantly running scripts.


Create CLIs that you can run from the browser with your team.

Powerful Integrations

Turing-complete integrations with the help of the DETA runtime.


Great for small APIs for forms or extending your apps.

Power-up with modules

DETA ships with a wide range of useful services that are dead simple to incorporate via the deta.lib SDK.

KeyValue Store
Cloud Storage
Automatic GUI
Events Bus

Run your programs from DETA

The built-in 'Cloud-shell' lets you run your programs in the browser. The Shell is also team-ready: you could see who ran which program and at what time.


Run your programs from the browser.


See what your crew is up-to in real-time.

Built-in Authentication & Permissions

Auth and granular permissions are handled by DETA. You decide who can use it, edit the code, see data or change the env vars.

We find it perfect for sharing scripts that use top-secret credentials!

An 'App Hub' for the web

Explore and try web programs in our community Hub.

  • Try programs instantly without signing up
  • Install programs in your DETA dashboard
  • Fork and customize the code as you wish

Don't forget to share your creations with fellow programmers!